Friday, October 16, 2015 | Cheap Ferragamo Sale CO UK | Cheap Ferragamo Sale CO UK  Ciao from Milano! I’m writing you this postcard at the end of my grand tour of Italy, and, oh, what an amazing trip it was thanks to our excellent guides, named Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. We saw the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the gondoliers of Venice, all in the span of a few minutes this afternoon, and all in the form of dazzling embroidery. They really know how to have a good time!

They played all of my favorite Italian songs, too, like when the moon hits your eye and it’s a big velvet dress with a painting of Madonna on it (no, not that one) or when the world seems to shine like a caftan with the green-and-white stripes of a cabana chair. That’s a-Dolce!

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Oh, these guys love tourists, so much, in fact, they left us with some fabulous souvenirs, postcard-perfect dresses in the team colors of each of our favorite cities, even Lake Como and Taormina (pictured, above). And it was fine to take selfies! They encouraged it, really. You won’t believe their bedazzled iPhone cases… Don’t worry, I’m bringing back several for the cousins!

It really seems like the Italians have been in a good mood this week, and so generous and sweet when they’re not pushing me out of the way or lighting cigarettes in my face. You’ll never guess who invited me to dinner last night, in a real palazzo! It was the Ferragamos! The hallways were lined with narwhal tusks. Even the vestibule was full of antiques, and I’m pretty sure the doors were made of velvet. I was too afraid to even touch a glass of champagne, but a nice young man named Massimiliano Giornetti – he was dressed so neat! – made me feel right at home. He told me about his new collection, which was so elegant and refreshing amid all of these loud clothes all the other designers are showing here, with sweater dresses that really swing (pictured, below). Even Flavia Pennetta came out of retirement to see it.

“Everyone in Milan is trying so hard,” he said, when I asked him. “I wanted something light and fresh.”

Sunday, October 11, 2015

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The evening skies were overcast in Paris on Monday, but inside at the Saint Laurent show, there were lots of opportunities for stargazing.

There was the twinkling digital-art-enhanced set, designed by Hedi Slimane. And the front row was lit up by photographers' flashes for Catherine Deneuve, Terry Richardson and Lily Donaldson, not to mention a small army of Mr. Slimane's cool-kid friends who had come in from London, New York and Los Angeles.

And then there were the clothes. First came a midnight-black metallic gown, all acres of bare flesh and a center split. Next, dazzling little metallic shifts and sheer barely-there gowns, most of them worn with Wellington boots, plastic tiaras and biker jackets or furs, and the occasional touch of razor-sharp suiting upon which this designer made his name.

The catwalk suggested that, after Chloé earlier this week, Mr. Slimane is yet another designer inspired by nostalgia for the grungy glamour of British festival style.

One face appearing again and again at Paris Fashion Week belongs to Janelle Monáe. Ungaro, Akris, Stella McCartney, Sonia Rykiel -- the singer and producer has become a front row stalwart. But what was she doing in Paris in the first place?

"I'm here for the art, and by that I mean fashion by the way, which is one of the greatest art forms there is," she said, tossing one giant braid over her shoulder. "As an artist myself, I think it's important to appreciate different disciplines and cultures. That's also why I am here: to talk to locals, learn about their lives and what is inspiring them over here. Not that I speak much French."

Which of the collections so far had excited her the most?

"Probably Stella McCartney: That show just blew me away," she said in the Sonia Rykiel flagship store, just before that show began. "But the clothes coming out of Sonia Rykiel at the moment are amazing, too. This fur, these thigh-high suede boots. I'm such a fan, hence I'm wearing it from head to toe."

U.S. Open winner Flavia Pennetta got a spontaneous round of applause from the front row of Ferragamo on Sunday, the fifth day of Milan Fashion Week.

The all-Italian final game between Pennetta and fellow Puglia-native Roberta Vinci captivated the nation, and Pennetta, who has announced her retirement, is being feted as a national star.

Pennetta, wearing a red Ferragamo lace dress and knit shawl, fielded half a dozen TV interviews before the show, delaying slightly the start. Backstage, designer Massimiliano Giornetti gave her a big hug and laughed that he had heard the applause from behind the scenes. Giornetti said he is a long-time friend and fan of Pennetta's, and has dressed her for sporting events in the past.

"I was in Los Angeles when Flavia was playing the U.S Open. I was like texting every five minutes to Flavia because I am a big, super fan," Giornetti said.

Massimiliano Giornetti's collection for Salvatore Ferragamo is simplicity itself, an expression of quiet. cheap ferragamo sale

Giornetti took inspiration from timeless portraits of women in pensive, solitary moments, which hung backstage as a story board, and deduced from them the gently folded fabric, the soft ruffles and the draping that characterized the collection.

A white shirt was gathered gently along the neckline at with the same broad border at the short sleeves for a modern, structural look. It paired with a high-waist shiny black skirt. Big ruffles softened the silhouette of sundresses and tiered dresses were easy and laid-back. Prints were absent, with the color pallet bringing vibrancy to the looks, black-and-white, contrasted by rust, blue, pink and green.

While past Giornetti collections focused on Italian craftsmanship, the designer said this one explored a sense of lifestyle, and finding a balance between contrasts. Salvatore Ferragamo Women's Boots Shoes For Sale

"It was what I was really looking for, a sense of lightness and a sense of simplicity," Giornetti said. "It is a collection much more about construction and less about surfaces."

The looks were finished with big dangling pearl earrings and matching pendant that swung gently with each step. Shoes were colorful and flat, including closed-toe sandals. Bags were mostly small shoulder bags.